Waste Transportation & Disposal

We provide waste collection from businesses, industry and citizens in Prague , as well as in other regions.

We offer a collection, disposal and recovery of waste, as other waste, and dangerous wastes according to the Waste Catalogue, with the exception of explosives and radioactive substances. All activities are carried out in accordance with the valid integrated permission for the system.

For removal of solid waste we offer containers with capacities from 3 m3 to 12 m3 and for the removal of liquid waste we offer tank trucks with capacities from 4 m3 to 30 m3.

Within the transport and disposal of waste we perform the following activities:

  • Addition of a container by type and volume of waste
  • Picking up waste byl our staff
  • Issuance of the required documents by the Waste Act
  • Separation and final sorting of waste at our waste disposal (paper, plastics, metals, wood, etc.)
  • Preparation of waste for recovery
  • Disposal of liquid waste

If you don't want to use our containers or tankers, waste you can deliver on their own. Wastes we accept every working day from 6:30 to 15:00, or by agreement at a different time.