Sumps & Tanks Cleaning

We provide cleaning of storage tanks of oil, water and sewerage tanks, separators, tanks, etc., including inspection work according to CSN 753415 (Protection of water against oil products) and CSN 750905 (tightness tests of water supply and sewerage tank).

Sumps & Tanks Cleaning

Cleaning of tanks and reservoirs is carried out in several basic steps:

  • removal of content our by suction tank vehicles
  • washing the tank with pressurized water
  • manual polishing tank (if necessary complete drying tank)
  • replacing sorbents

In addition to cleaning tanks and reservoirs also provide waste collection from these reservoirs and tanks and their ecological disposal.


  • leak testing of tanks, reservoirs and pipes according to relevant standards
  • measurement of wall thickness ultrasonic thickness gauge
  • compile the technical condition of the tank according to CSN 753415 and CSN 750905

All works will provide at the time you specified (plant shutdown, shutdown, night shift, etc.).