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Ecology = life, think about life...

The goal of A.P.E. s.r.o. is to provide comprehensive services in the field of environmental protection, waste management , corporate environmental and occupational health and safety. We provide our services to sole traders, industrial companies, citizens and companies engaged in waste management, but do not have the equipment to dispose some of the waste ( eg, a equipment for removing liquid waste ).

Our competitive advantages:

  • price
  • equipment for removing liquid waste
  • comprehensive services in the field of waste management, occupational health and safety and corporate environmental
  • high professionalism, technical competence and overall approach to client
  • flexibility in dealing with your requirements

We offer the processing of selected liquid waste, transport and disposal of the waste, waste containers, labeling waste containers, tankers and container trucks for the transport of solid and liquid wastes, cleaning of tanks, sumps and traps, supply of sorbents and filtering materials.