About Us

logo-kontakt.pngA.P.E. s.r.o. (Agency for Environmental Protection ) is a company which started its operations in 1999. Company provides services for the protection of the environment.

Our team is experienced, qualified and well-coordinated, which enables it to provide comprehensive, fast, professional and reliable services at reasonable prices, and at a high technical level with a guarantee of compliance with legal and other requirements. We are able to accommodate a wide range of customers, from small to large.

We offer the processing of selected liquid waste, transport and disposal of the waste, waste containers, labeling waste containers, tankers and container trucks for the transport of solid and liquid wastes, cleaning of tanks, sumps and traps, supply of sorbents and filtering materials.

A.P.E. s.r.o. has a techniques for complex environmental and construction work, especially handling, transport and pumping equipment and equipment for dismantling, demolition and remediation work.

We operate a equipment for waste water treatment and waste containing oil products.